fall  2020

A Copywriting Coaching Program for Creative Business Owners

by Yasi Salavatian of Rosewater Studio

Learn how to find your brand voice and write for your business with confidence and joy.

Ready to author your Brand Recipe?

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It’s time to say goodbye to a vanilla Brand Voice

Boring, overdone marketing tactics are seriously going out of style. Trendy words and fluff sentences don’t actually work anymore. Your Clients are sick and tired of reading the same thing over…and over…and over again.What do they want instead?

You. Good old, authentic YOU.

Did you know? According to Vision Critical...

91% of Clients prefer their go-to brands to be authentic {especially on social}
63% of Clients prefer to purchase from an authentic brand

The truth is, with an increasingly saturated market, it’s high time you start showing off your personality,

and say hello to a Brand Voice that’s actually you!

Finally YES – Please and Thank you!

Can we all agree, writing for your Business is hard?

Anytime you sit down to do it…these little characters pop-up...and they talk, and it. gets. really. really. weird. You thought you knew exactly what you were going to write about…what message you were going to send…but then, everyone starts arguing.

For me,
Yasi 1 says…Just be YOURSELF, nobody cares. Tell all your Dad Jokes…throw in some Disney, it’s fine.
Yasi 2 says…Can you be a little bit more professional please? You want to get hired…right? Mention your Masters…people like that.
Yasi 3 says…Is it bad to swear? I really feel like I just need to shout one out.

And do the voices ever really come to a consensus?

No, not really.

Each has a point, a valid one, that should be considered. And I know, I know, you want a Brand that is 100% genuine…and the good news? It’s possible. 

You can reach a point where you’re comfortable…(dare I say excited?) to speak on behalf of your Business and your Brand. 

But, it won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen by following anyone’s systems, or gimmicks, or tricks…the only person that can configure a genuine Brand Voice for your Brand is you.

it’s an extension of you.

And the truth is, your Brand and your Brand Voice will never represent 100% of everything you are. Because your Brand isn’t you…

Is it really possible?

And in curating a strategic and authentic Brand Voice, you can learn how to choose which parts of yourself you want to present to your audience, time and time again. 

Who makes sales today?

People who’re extremely clear in what they’re offering, the value they’re providing, and the process by which they provide it. So, I created the Copy Cakery to help Creative Business Owners make the sale, while being honest about who they are and what they do.

step into my kitchen

Because, while your works speaks volumes, it shouldn’t have to speak for itself. So, why do you need me? And the Copy Cakery? Glad you asked...

Will there be cake?

Copy Cakery

Welcome to


Starting March 09, 2020 and Ending May 29, 2020

You'll learn how to...

Unveil Your Unique Gifts
How to Speak with Your Ideal Client
Explore Your Competitive Landscape
Discover Your Brand Voice
Create Your Custom Brand Message
Craft Your Brand Recipe
Perfect Your Sales Pitch

Together, hand in hand, we’ll walk through a series of Chapters, creative exercises, and two weeks of Copy Review to find and implement your Brand Voice.

What's Included?

The Copy Cakery Curriculum with Written Feedback
2 Weeks of Copy Review with Written Feedback
The Copy Cakery Facebook Group
2 Weeks of Office Hours via Facebook Live

In addition to...

2 Individual Coaching Sessions
4 Weeks of Small Group Cocoa Chats via Zoom

No more getting struck by perfection paralysis, or circling down a hole of avoidance. #we’veallbeenthere #thesufferanceisreal #sendhelp #andcake

Chapter 1
The Pastry Chef

In Chapter 1, you’ll learn how to understand your strengths and unveil your gifts. In creating messaging goals, you will learn how to be your true self with your audience.

Are you ready to differentiate yourself as an expert and fulfill your vision as a successful Business Owner?

Chapter 2
The Customer

In Chapter 2, you’ll learn how to connect with your Ideal Client, authentically. Attraction is only the first step, what comes after? For each Business and Business Owner, the answer is different. Together, we’ll work through your Ideal Client’s thinking process.

Are you ready to serve your Ideal Clients where/how they need you most?

Chapter 3
The Cakery

In Chapter 3, you’ll analyze your competitive landscape and uncover the present trends in your market. You’ll come to understand your differentiating factor, and learn how to share it with confidence.

Are you ready to communicate why your Brand is the best choice?

Chapter 4
The Brand Recipe

In Chapter 4, you’ll use your ingredients to write your very own Brand Recipe. You’ll take all you’ve learned in your Copy Cakery journey, and finally perfect your custom Brand Message.

Are you ready to share your one-of-a-kind Brand Message?

Ready to Take a Peek at the Curriculum?

Next Chapter

And if you have a look of panic on your face…I would say, guess what? It’s totally normal.

95% of my students have told me something like this at some point in their Copy Cakery journey:

“I’m a bad writer.”
“Yasi, I’m not that deep…there’s just nothing there, I can’t write like that.”
“Seriously?! Why does anyone care what I think?”

And it’s just not true.

I promise you, you have the answers within you. And I’m just here to help you organize your thoughts and transform them into sustainable strategic communication methods.

And Who is Yasi? ...GOOD QUESTION

Hello there!
I’m Yasi.

…YAW SEE. And I’m the voice behind Rosewater Studio and Copy Cakery.

First things first – I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

As a Brand Storyteller and Copywriter… I’ve made it my life’s mission to help Creative Business Owners…like you…

find your Brand Voice and share it proudly. I want to see you communicate confidently, and that’s why I created the Copy Cakery.

And here’s my promise to you:

I’ll be straight with you, and tell you how it is…I will be truthful but kind, understanding but discerning, and I will approach you and your Business thoughtfully. I know opening yourself and your Business to someone can be a vulnerable process, and I want to tell you: I hear you, and I’m here for you.

And in the spirit of transparency, I want to meet you.

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The Details

So, here it is, the Copy Cakery…in all of its sweet goodness…

The Copy Cakery Curriculum with Written Feedback
2 Weeks of Copy Review with Written Feedback
The Copy Cakery Facebook Group
2 Weeks of Office Hours via Facebook Live

In addition to...

2 Individual Coaching Sessions
4 Weeks of Small Group Cocoa Chats via Zoom

Why is this different than the other trillion Copy programs out there?

Reason 1

The Written Feedback

With the Copy Cakery, I can help you with your messaging from THE VERY START. This course is designed to be interactive. You write…I write…you write…I write. We create a dialogue throughout the process and you can literally SEE your progress. Because this is where the real growth happens.

Reason 2

The Individual Coaching Sessions

This is GOLD. My students love this because the entire session is dedicated to them – no distractions. We’ll meet individually to talk about how you can expand your Brand Strategy and implement sustainable options that work for YOU…in the most critical parts of the program. You’ll have the opportunity to try things out with me by your side – available for help and support.

Reason 3

The Small Group Cocoa Chats

These are like Coffee Chats but #onbrand. Small groups…are important. While this is my life’s work and joy, I am ONE person. And having a group to test your messaging on and support you through the process? Priceless.

Reason 4

The Comprehensive Customization

We can tailor the program to your needs, and that has proven powerful in such a dynamic industry. 

If you want to build community while learning, this is the perfect opportunity for you. You will learn, implement, and practice before you’re done.

P.S. Did all the forest butterflies just escape your stomach? Because I’m certainly feeling giddy.

Giddy to get you writing and sharing…

Website, Emails, Instagram, Facebook, and anything else you can think of!

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Who Belongs in Copy Cakery?

If You’re a Creative Business Owner Who Is:

Looking to discover your very own Brand Voice, not Patricia’s, not Laura’s, not Sharon’s, but YOURS.
You’re ready, willing, and excited to analyze the foundational aspects of your Business.
You’re wanting to solidify your Brand Messaging strategy.
You have two to three hours a week (for 12 consecutive weeks!) to dedicate to the Copy Cakery…and really to YOURSELF and your Business.
You want to embrace a one-of-a-kind process that is tailored to YOU.
You’re low-key obsessed with strategy, and high-key obsessed with authenticity.
You’re ready to put in the work, and be the CEO of your Business…today, not in 2030.

I'm not sure this is me...

Who does NOT Belong in Copy Cakery?

I am going to be blunt here: please do not sign-up for this program if you’re not ready for Coaching, having a healthy dialogue between us will create the best results. If you don’t have time to dedicate to this process, it will not work. You need to give yourself the time and space to think, expand, and grow…it won’t happen overnight. The most important thing? I’m not going to give you any formula’s or how to’s. You can pop open a book on Brand Storytelling and Copywriting to tell you about the science of what converts and what doesn’t. You might even find some free articles online! The Copy Cakery isn’t about that…it’s about finding what works for you, for today, and in the long-term. You won’t complete every aspect of your Copy…this isn’t a Drive-Thru and I’m one human…a human who cares very, very much. So, I’ll be here to support you along the way, and cheer you on thereafter, but you can’t just pick up your Copy order at the end of this course. This is about creating sustainable communication strategies for YOUR Brand.

And if you don’t know if Copy Cakery is the place for you…set up a call, and we can talk about it! 

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And finally, the pricing and the details…together…the guts of it all

The 12-Week Copywriting Coaching Program for Creative Business Owners

The Details

The Copy Cakery Curriculum with Written Feedback
2 Weeks of Copy Review with Written Feedback
The Copy Cakery Facebook Group
2 Weeks of Office Hours via Facebook Live

In addition to...

2 Individual Coaching Sessions
4 Weeks of Small Group Cocoa Chats via Zoom

Copy Cakery

for $2499

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This is THE price for Spring 2020. Please, rest assured there will be no:

Flash Sales
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Trusted by

I really hope you join the Copy Cakery and journey to communicating with confidence and joy!


How long will the doors be open?

Doors will stay open until March 06. The course will run from March 09, 2020 to June 01, 2020.

Are payment plans available?

Absolutely! Click here to see all our payment options.

Will I quadruple my Investment and book-out the rest of 2020?

I have no idea! Will the sky fall tomorrow? 2020’s been a doozy…maybe? You get in this what you put into this. Are you ready to change? To implement? To grow? I can’t answer that for you.

Is this going to be fun?

100% YES and sometimes no. There are times you’ll be like…WHY YASI…but there’s a method, and when you get through it…you’ll see how it all made sense.

Why is the course theme a Cakery (what the flip is that?) What are we 5?

Cakery – a bakery just for cakes #dreamsdocometrue. Yes! I themed it like this because learning should be FUN not painful. That’s the type of joyful spirit we like to facilitate here.

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