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Michele Lee

Lifestyle & Brand Photographer of Michele Lee Photo

Copy Cakery has been hands down the best decision I’ve ever made for my business. There are so many other courses, workshops and masterminds I've invested in that have promised big returns and amazing results, and while I did learn some really important business-y things…it was useless because I didn't know what to say, or how to say it.

Yasi is amazing to work with, her candor is refreshing, her ability to ask the right questions is priceless.

After working with her, I doubled my prices and bookings. I stopped trying to blend in. I stopped presenting myself the way every other photographer was presenting themselves. Honestly, I was trying to be just like the people I admired, in the services I offered and words I said, and it just wasn't working. I now do the work I want to do, the way I want to do it. Turns out that's what my clients wanted all along. Someone real. Someone who is confident in their own service and client experience. 

I feel more confident than ever in what I do, why I do it, and what I'm saying. I wish I would have STARTED with Yasi, because once you have a good foundation for your business--it's easy to build the rest.

Stephanie Abbitt

Creative Director of Stephanie Abbitt

I have struggled for so long to know what to say - whether it be on my Instagram or my Website. After going through the Copy Cakery,

I now have concrete words, phrases, and stories that I can share with confidence.

Confidence in knowing that I will be connecting with my audience, confidence in knowing where my place is in the industry, and confidence in knowing how to continue helping my audience with exactly what they need from me. Through Copy Cakery, I have found clarity upon clarity and it's all because of this course and Yasi’s gentle but straight-forward approach.

Paige Hulse

Owner & Lead Attorney of Paige Hulse Law

Working through the Copy Cakery and getting to work with Yasi, in particular, has been incredible.

This isn't "just another course". Instead, the course is an incredibly insightful approach to something most of us struggle with in our businesses.

But more importantly than that: in just our first call, Yasi's ability to analyze my work and pose challenging questions was so beneficial, it helped clarify some of the next moves my business is making. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to take the Copy Cakery, and I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to nail down their messaging, and actually start speaking to their ideal clients.

Suzzanne Gamboa

Brand Strategist and Designer of Suzzanne Gamboa

Before Copy Cakery, I was struggling with finding my brand voice. I spent the better part of last year strategizing and developing a strong visual for my brand but I was having difficulty expressing what I wanted my brand to be verbally. The universe knew that I was struggling with this piece of my business and when I connected with Yasi, I knew it was the right fit for me.

Yasi encouraged me to embrace my uniqueness and gave me permission be myself and carve my own space as a brand designer.

The Copy Cakery is a course like no other. Through the span of a few short weeks, this fully immersive course unveiled my voice and from there, I felt that I tapped into a well of conversations that I wanted to share with my audience.

Yasi is talented, candid and thoughtful. Her straightforwardness is refreshing. I no longer feel like I need to second guess what I want to say, and thanks to this course, I have used my voice and words to better connect with my people and catapult my business.

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Katie O. Selvidge

Founder and Owner of Everly Raine Co.

Yasi's unique approach provides clarity and unparalleled confidence in your brand's message. 

She will guide you through your “why“ and how to speak to your audience for maximum conversion.

You will know with certainty what your brand's role is in your industry, community, and life.

Stella Throop

Owner & Lead Photographer of Stella Kelsie Photography

Yasi is a wizard, or a ninja, or maybe both. I struggled for five years trying to hone my brand into a clear message, but after only the first few weeks in the Copy Cakery, 

I began to find the confidence and clarity I so desperately needed!

Yasi asked the hard questions, helped me dig deep into the why’s and what’s of my brand, and held me accountable through the entire process. On top of being amazing at her job, she’s a vibrant human being that genuinely wants you to succeed. Copy Cakery Coaching has been worth every bit of the investment and more!

What I loved most about this process is how Copy Cakery and Yasi really help you gain confidence over your brand, its voice and your business. This was one of my favorite investments I’ve made for my business!

Copy is what tells the world who you are. Copy Cakery has helped beyond finding the voice of my publication. It helped me identify the true heart of my brand and helped me clarify my mission.

Working with Yasi is REFRESHING. She is passionate, full of joy and is incredibly supportive throughout the course. She cheers you on and helps guide you to finding your own authentic voice without injecting her own. The course is difficult as it forces you to be honest with yourself but it is worth it when you make it through a chapter with a better grasp on how to share your brand with the world.

Amanda Hartfield

Owner & Photographer of Travelogue Magazine

Christina Kujanpää

Newborn Photographer of Christina Kujanpää Photography

Yasi is exactly what my brand needed and needs. I'm in the middle of Copy Cakery right now and from day one I was challenged. It's like therapy for your brand. So much thought has to go into our brands. And unless we have someone help us understand what our voice is and what we are trying to say, we just float along in a big, confusing mess. 

Yasi is a GENIUS. She is so good at wording what I am trying to say and helps me clear up my message.

I didn't even know what the word "copy" meant before I met her and I am thrilled to know my voice better. I recommend her 100% and I know she was CALLED to do this. An absolute gem.

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Destiny Pinson

Owner & Lead Florist of Doris Ione

Oh my goodness, I can't say enough good things about Yasi and the Copy Cakery! I have recently gone through a rebrand and soon after that became completely daunted on how to portray my new Brand to my audience. I knew what I wanted but couldn't find the words to go about it. After the first time Yasi and I chatted over the phone, I felt a wave of relief that I was in great hands! I always knew that Copy was important, but didn't know quite how much. I am beyond thrilled to have learned how to present myself and my business in a way to attract my dream clients through Copy.

Martha Hatfield

Founder & Principal Designer of Martha Hatfield Design

Before working with Yasi, I felt overwhelmed by copywriting. I knew I needed to find my Brand Voice, but wasn't sure where to start. The weekly in-depth homework assignments helped me peel back the layers to identify my values. This,

Combined with the feedback and individualized ideas Yasi would share during our Copy Cakery Coaching calls, helped me find my voice and feel confident using it.

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